Sunday, April 29, 2012

We Need Each Other

We need each other.
There is this inexplicable need to reach out and share life. From family , co-workers , to the random smiling person I pass on the sidewalk. They all matter. They all make a difference to me.

What made me think of all this? Something silly really. I was washing dishes Friday afternoon when I encountered a sandwich spreader. Who would think a sandwich spreader dangerous? Well, I sure didn't before this. As I tried to rinse off the peanut-butter that innocent little sandwich spreader sliced open my thumb. I was about to yell over my shoulder for Mom but caught myself. Why in the world would I , a nurse who has sutured an arm , call my mom to save me from a bloody finger? Seems crazy, but I didn't have a hard time answering my own question. It's because I still like having a mom to doctor my cut fingers. I'll never out-grow it.

Doesn't matter how old , independent or capable I am. I'll always want second opinions from friends. I'll always look forward to telling Mom about the funny bumper sticker I saw. I'll always feel happier when I talk to the old man in the check out line. What would life be without the classmate that made me laugh or the elderly neighbor that told war stories? The bottom line is we never out-grow the need for connection.

When God said "It is not good for man to be alone" He wasn't just making a statement against singleness. I believe what He had in mind were all the relationships that bring color into our world. I think He saw friends making memories , classmates discussing , families camping and "4th of July"-like celebrations where everyone is together enjoying each other.

Look around you. Notice all the amazing connections you make everyday and feel blessed!

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Kristin said...

So wonderfully worded :) I hadn't ever thought about God's statement that man shouldn't be alone as a reference to all of the beautiful relationships He blesses us with each day-- even the strangers who cross our paths for only a moment. Thanks for sharing Heather :) I'm glad that God saw fit for us to be in the same place at the same time; your friendship has been a blessing to me.