Monday, January 31, 2011

"One, Two Three"...

The nice Health Dept lady was summing up the findings of the previous 5 minutes of list checking.
"So that will be tetanus, Hep A, Meningitis, Yellow fever..." she started to say but finished reading the list to herself to save breath. Presently she looked up at me with a pleasant smile.
"6 Shots" She said simply.
" Oh, but don't worry," she hastened on as if fearing I'd bolt for the door, "we have two nurses do them at once so it isn't so much."

I was left to ponder her words while she went to retrieve the potions. I chose to ponder a map on the wall instead.

I'm no sissy when it comes to needles. It was just the sheer quantity of sharp objects coming my way that was concerning.

"Alright now, just sit right here" intoned the sweet lady.
The nurses were now positioned at each arm, both wielding 3 syringes, 3 alcohol pads and 3 band aids in their gifted hands.
"Ready? One, Two, Three..." the nurse on my left chanted like a real leader. If synchronized stabbing can be considered a sport I nominate them for some prize. Three times they repeated their awesome technique.

When they were done my arms truly where in awe. Shock and awe really. It made quite the impression on them.

A nice benefit of this experience: Possessing 6 pretty purple band-aids with skateboarding, helmet-wearing alligators on them.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

RN and Africa

Heather Haynes RN!

After all the waiting now things seem to be happening all at once! In the space of 2 days I passed my NCLEX, got my Visa for Chad and bought an airline ticket.

On February 14th I will be heading out on an adventure with God!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Humerus isn't just a bone...

A bit of silliness and fun

The look of intelligence.

Snow in the sandal.

Whatever the weather, its always good to have UV protection.

Farm Girl's Story

I enjoyed this in so many ways! It made me sigh with happiness. These are the things I want to do in heaven for forever and a day! I can hardly wait til then!

Take note of what she said about being a farm girl. It is a condition of the heart - yes oh yes! I think I'll go wear the apron my friend made me.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Patience Needed


*sighs and slides down in a chair*

This is not my preferred pastime - waiting that is.

I check my email. No ATT, no visa info...nothing. Wait.

I missed the Campus Shop by 17 minutes on Friday. Earliest I can get the book I need to read is Monday at 8:30 am. Wait.

Waiting seems so useless. I'm sure you've had your share of "groan, drum your finger nails, sit in stony silence and do nothing" kind of waiting.

Its like this devious imp called Mr. Wait ties me hand and foot then proceeds to give me a lecture. " What doest thou here slothful sluggard? Up and at em!"
This is when I pray for grace and smile.

I'm going to wait.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Though Pain Enters My Heart

My life has not always been flower gardens and sunshine, but on the whole it has been filled with all things light and glad. Happiness, cleanliness, learning and wide open spaces. I have chosen to surround myself with as much beauty and tastes of heaven as possible in a fallen world. This is the world I have woven and spun around myself like a protective cocoon.

Daffodils, the smell of rain, walks down country roads and the glow of evening sun. Flowing dresses and doing up my hair. Serene times of Bible reading, hymn sings around the piano, and heavenly times when godly friends surround me with faith and laughter. Family gatherings around the fire to read mission stories. Solitude in nature where my thoughts soar in gratitude to God. Mealtimes filled with happy chatter and the simplest, most delicious food imaginable. Herb gardens, poetry, burning candles and comforting quilts. These are some of the everyday blessings of my life. I revel in them, cherish them.

If it was up to me I would never be parted from these little taste of heaven. I would happily live out my days surrounded by these comforts and blessings. I'd marry a man I loved devotedly, live in a farmhouse and raise 3 or 4 kiddo's. Maybe there would be a wee lad and we'd explore the bug kingdom together. Or a giggly girl I could sink my hands into bread dough with. I'd love nothing more than to be homeschooling mom who surrounds her children with these tastes of heaven. I dream of it sometimes.

However there are places where there aren't neat farmhouses, libraries of inspiring books or idyllic scenes of peace. The countless souls who call these places home are as empty as I am filled. Sick as I am well. Plagued by darkness and pain as I am drenched by light and gladness. How can I build my pleasant dreams of comfort when such hollow hearts exist? - hollow hearts who cannot imagine a world not wracked by disease and violence.

I must go to those dark places. But what do I really think I'm going to do? Do I think I will somehow change their squalid, disease/violence ridden world into my world of health and peace? No. What then will I do?
This is what I will do: Hold one dieing child when I've done all I can, seek to comfort one patient I can't cure, hum one hymn to drown out the satanic village drums.

I don't want to! I don't want to witness such suffering and death! I shrink from it. It is too much for me. I'm too sensitive, too sheltered. I haven't even wanted to hear about such things most of my life. It makes me feel burdened, I have the weight of the world on my chest. But God has children in the midst of all that horror and need.

I can be only one emissary of Light in a land of Dark. That is all. I will pattern myself after my beloved Master as best I can. When I think of leaving all the beauty, purity and peace of my world I begin to feel only a fraction of how Jesus must have felt. Shedding tears when leaving Heaven and shuddering at the blackness of our planet.

Lord I am willing to be made kindling for You. Burn me up with Your love and passion for Your children. Not my will, but Thine.

Slow of Tongue

For the fifth or sixth time I push the sound button on Google translate and concentrate all my listening power. My brow knits together and I lean forward as I star at the table top in front of me with unseeing eyes.

"Je vous remercie de l'audience et de répondre" an unknown french woman rattles off.

I think I've finally got that last syllable. After jotting down a memory prompt I put down my pen. Taking a deep breath I try the phrase for myself. It doesn't rattle off my tongue. Instead it gets stuck somewhere and does not even reach my mouth. Giving my head a quick shake to get it "unstuck" I try again. This time I manage a fairly convincing "Je vous remercie" but come to a grinding stop when confronted with "de l'audience". I preform a odd set of vocalizations and tongue flapping hoping this will somehow get me past this tongue twisting challenge. Eventually I spit it all out. I'm speaking French; slow, halting French.

I lay awake at night wondering "How will I ever be able to speak enough French to minister to the Chadian people's needs? How will I be an effective effective missionary with this slow tongue of mine?" I try to remember how to say the simple prayer I had been memorizing. I can't remember and feel bad. O Lord, how?

After seeing a snake turn into a rod and his own hand cured of leprosy Moses still questioned God in fear.
"O my Lord, I am not eloquent, neither before nor since You have spoken to Your servant; but I am slow of speech and slow of tongue"
I understand Moses' fear. I tremble with him and plead my own inability. But with him I can also hear the promise.

Thus saith the Lord: "Who has made man's mouth? Or who makes the mute, the deaf, the seeing , or the blind? Have not I, the Lord? Now therefore, go and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall say."

I need not lay awake in fear tonight. The Lord's promise is sure.

Mon Dieu
Je vous remercie de votre promesse.
J'ai confiance en vous.
Au nom de Jésus