Monday, January 31, 2011

"One, Two Three"...

The nice Health Dept lady was summing up the findings of the previous 5 minutes of list checking.
"So that will be tetanus, Hep A, Meningitis, Yellow fever..." she started to say but finished reading the list to herself to save breath. Presently she looked up at me with a pleasant smile.
"6 Shots" She said simply.
" Oh, but don't worry," she hastened on as if fearing I'd bolt for the door, "we have two nurses do them at once so it isn't so much."

I was left to ponder her words while she went to retrieve the potions. I chose to ponder a map on the wall instead.

I'm no sissy when it comes to needles. It was just the sheer quantity of sharp objects coming my way that was concerning.

"Alright now, just sit right here" intoned the sweet lady.
The nurses were now positioned at each arm, both wielding 3 syringes, 3 alcohol pads and 3 band aids in their gifted hands.
"Ready? One, Two, Three..." the nurse on my left chanted like a real leader. If synchronized stabbing can be considered a sport I nominate them for some prize. Three times they repeated their awesome technique.

When they were done my arms truly where in awe. Shock and awe really. It made quite the impression on them.

A nice benefit of this experience: Possessing 6 pretty purple band-aids with skateboarding, helmet-wearing alligators on them.


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Siblings Inc. said...

Me too... I'm cracking up laughing inside.

Kelsey said...

hilarious, Heather! I hope the "potions" do their job well for you. I'm sure they will, since they were administered with appropriate chanting... ;-)