Saturday, April 30, 2011


After weeks of talking about it, we finally pulled together our Bere Adventist Hospital Sunshine Band. Amongst the group we had three guitars, one violin, one flute, and one mandolin. Let the music start!

Our first stop was in Pediatrics where we sang “God Is So Good,” “Jesus Loves Me,” and “If Your Happy and You Know It.” The Netteburg's 2-year-old son, Lyol wandered around handing out balloons and making people smile. By the time we reached Maternity, we had attracted quite the crowd. They were packed into the hallway trying to see into the ward. We moved on to the Surgical ward, where there was more room, and sang “Power in the Blood” and “As the Deer.” Even here, smiles began to crack somber faces, and the dreary ward seemed to brighten. There was a new feeling to this place of metal beds and concrete walls. As we moved on outside, a man with a casted leg thanked us and said, "God was here."

They didn't understand most of words we were singing, but music doesn't need much translation.


Katie Roddy said...

Singing really has a way of cheering people up! I'm so glad to hear you are such a blessing to all those who needed cheering up

Caitlin said...

This makes me so happy! Thanks for sharing :)