Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Projects – Part 2

This is Part 2 to a previous blog regarding some projects I was hoping to spearhead before leaving. I have narrowed it down to 2 main projects.

1) Giving the Maternity Department a Face-Lift.

2) Construct Over-Bed Frames for Hanging Mosquito Nets

I've been told a big industrial-sized can of paint is approximately $80. Since the walls in the Maternity Department are already painted so I don't expect them [the walls] to soak up much paint. Maternity isn't a very big department. I could get the majority—if not all of it—done with two of these big buckets of paint. This would end up being $160. I am thinking of picking some warm, "maternity- kind-of-colors" with Danae, the American OB/GYN working here. She is very excited about the project. It would be a huge boost to her.

I haven't talked with Jaime Parker about the potential cost of materials for building over-bed, hanging mosquito-net-frames. I’m picturing something anchored to the ceiling—a simple pole-frame from which the square mosquito net would hang. This framework would also provide a place for the netting to be stored during the day. I won't be able to complete this project, but it would be great if I had $40 -$50 to come up with a design and get the project launched. Then later more money could be raised to duplicate it.

So there it is: My Wish List.

Future needs of Bere Adventist Hospital

1) A church/school group willing to come and paint all the beds. It sounds small, but it would make everything look--and be!--so much cleaner!

2) A Physical Therapist. People often waste away in bed because there is no one to work with them. Some simple rehabilitation and consistent exercises could make the difference between life and death for many. The family won't help. The doctors and nurses are too busy.

3) A student missionary who is an Art Major! Yes! You are needed in the deserts of Africa! Come on over. Even just for a month in the summer would be wonderful!

4) A Midwife/Lactation Consultant. Babies are dying because there isn't anyone to stand over the mothers and make them breast feed. They must be taught not to give their babies water.

Donor Instructions added 4/20/2011:

Donations may be made to Adventist Health International, the umbrella organization for Bere Hospital Chad. Visit their website
1) "How Can I Help"
2) "Financial Donations"
3) Decide if you want to give by Paypal, phone, or postal service
4) Important: Mark you donation
"Bere Hospital Chad: Heather's Wish List"

**To add this note to Paypal donations:
Right under the Shipping Address you will see the words
"Note to Seller"
Click on the word "Add" In the box that pops up type
"Bere Hospital Chad: Heather's Wish List"

Thanks so much. Your friendship means more than you know!
(Posted on Heather's behalf by her mom, Paula Haynes)


Emily said...

Oooooh! My heart jumped a little bit when I read the "midwife and lactation consultant". prayers.

Christy Joy said...

Hi Heather!

How can those who would like to contribute to your projects financially go about doing that?

Heather said...

Hi Christy,
I just updated this blog post to include how to contribute to these projects. Thanks for asking!