Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Thing I Can Do

Hello there little one.
I wish you were looking up at me with bright eyes.
I wish you would giggle when I tickled your foot.
I wish you weren't listless.
I wish your skin didn't hang on your small frame.
I wish . . . I wish

What can I do for you little one?
I can listen to your slowing heart.
I can hear your gasping breaths.
But what can I do?
I can't give you an IV, you already have one.
I can't give you a new medication, you've had them all.
I can't give you my blood, they already have some for you.
I can't breath for you, eat for you, or take your malaria.
Why is it that all I can do is fan your hot body?
Why is it that all I can do is watch and wait?

There is one things I can do for you little one.
"Heavenly Father, Lover of the Children, you see this little one . . . "

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