Friday, September 7, 2012

Hot and Cold

I'm sick. Every other moment I'm either diving under piles of blankets or crawling out sweltering hot! There is nothing lukewarm about it. It's not a very stellar feeling at all. Sometimes I think I feel both hot AND cold. My body can't seem to decided.

Just this morning I was reading Revelation 3 about the lukewarm church. God said He would prefer them to be either hot or cold. Guess God decided to allow me to have a real life example of what it feels like. It's intense!

Although I am REALLY hoping not to stay feverish physically, I want to be all the way "hot" for God.


Ashley said...

Hope you feel better soon Heather! Love you lots!

Emily said...

Ooohh! So sorry! I'm glad that you have people to take good care of you. Will see you soon!