Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Beginning

Where there is an "end" there is always a "beginning". Simple concept yet so profound.

When I stepped off the plane, toting my green backpack, a "beginning" was waiting for me. I began to regain my health. I began to reconnect with friends and family. I began to adjust. Now I'm almost a month into this new chapter. Everything is much the same, but much different. I find myself asking: What's next? Where to from here?

New beginnings are interesting things. They can be inspiration and beautiful like a sunrise. They can also be uncomfortable like new shoes. They have such great potential and yet also possess the rumblings of uncertainty. They are the times where life's soundtrack builds and you're left in nail-biting suspense of what will happen next. Thankfully I have a wonderful Narrator and I've dispensed with the nail-biting as unnecessary.

Those who wait on the Lord have this blessed assurance: Everything will be OK. New beginning may have you asking lots of questions, but thankfully God's got plenty of answers. Just you wait and see.


LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

Praying for you in this new beginning :) God is good and may He bless you as you serve Him!

shama said...

I understand very well what you have expressed in this well-written blog. I hope we can get together and share mission experiences when I get back down to TN. Praying for you!