Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's All About The Thai Sauce

Perhaps it's because I was missing a favorite Thai restaurant in my native Tennessee or perhaps I just wanted to put peanut butter in something, but I found myself craving Thai food.

Thankfully, just like a good neighbor Pinterest was there to inspire and instruct! My daily schedule is often very hurried and unpredictable, so I couldn't spend too much time on making my Thai noodle dreams come true. Therefore, when I came across this easy recipe I was excited! The most time consuming part was chopping the veggies and cooking the noodles.

Obviously I enjoyed my Thai creation. I do have two suggestions, however. Watch the amount of hot pepper you put in the's easy to underestimate its spicy factor. Secondly, it calls for an inordinate amount of oil. I don't like feeling like I'm oiling my insides, so I found creative ways to decrease it, while increasing other components such as soy sauce or water. It didn't hurt the flavor and made it sit much easier on the stomach.

I'm still in my Thai noodle craving stage. In fact I just turned leftover spaghetti into an Asian inspired dish. Not bad. But then again, I'm not too choosy.

Here is the link:


P.S. Someone needs to teach me how to link the picture so you can just click the photo. Is that possible??


Clarisa said...

Well hey there, ho there sister dear! The Thai sauce sounds delish! You're inspiring me to go forward with my desire to learn to cook Indian food this winter. (I know, I know, it's all about the Thai here, but I'm all about the GF Naan and Korma!....well, I hope to be at some point soon.) As far as the photo link goes, I'm on it! Will let you know what I find out. xx

Clarisa said...

Try this little tutorial. Looks like it should be fairly easy to follow.

Clarisa said...

....or this one.