Monday, October 8, 2012


Our air conditioner has died a dramatic death. First it froze us, necessitating long sleeves and hot drinks. Then it just kicked the bucket, leaving us in 87 F humidity with no fans in the house. If I ever took Mr. A/C for granted I repent. I miss him oh so very much! At night I have resorted to curling up on the carpet in front of my window just to get some sleep. It's almost like camping...almost. I've done everything I can think of to help me think "cooler" thoughts : play christmas music, drink ice water, change my computer wallpaper to a winter scene etc. Then I got the above instagram pic from my sister showing the ice they have in Aspen. It's hard not to be envious of a place that's a good 40 degrees cooler. But rather than envy, I have decided to dream about it, which is much more positive! The beach is lovely and the Florida greenery is very nice, but just for a nostalgic moment or two I'm allowing myself to dream of Fall.
I'm dreaming of making apple sauce and of home-made apple cider. There is nothing like the smell it has as it simmers on the stove, with a cloved orange bobbing around in it. Can't hardly think of that smell without also thinking of the smell of bonfires I often sit around while drinking that same delicious autumn drink.
I'm dreaming of those crisp mornings when I first break out my wool coat and cozy scarves. Usually that evening, almost without fail, I also break out the yarn basket and start crocheting yet another scarf to add to my collection. I find it so comforting how scarves wrap around my neck, ears and nose. It's almost like they are hugging me.
I'm dreaming of those times when I round a curve in the road and suddenly have a terrible time keeping my eyes on the road because the trees are just so BEAUTIFUL! When the evening sun shines through them they glow like chinese lanterns! Such luminescence! Watching leaves fall is one of those "predictable/unpredictable" things in life that quiets the soul, like falling rain, flickering fires or crashing waves. Love how they dance and sail around, each with it's own style. If any of you haven't tried catching a leaf as it falls, I challenge you! Try it! I've done it, but it took a lot of running around!

Well, that was a happy time of dreaming...Now I think I'll go enjoy my Floridian weather with yet another walk on the beach. Life is good.

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David Knapp said...

Fall is my favorite time of year!!! Sorry to hear about your AC. Hope you get it working again...