Saturday, March 24, 2012

To Live: Free of Distraction

I often think about the amazing things I could do if I didn't get gummed up with this sticky thing called distraction. The possibilities are endless! I could...

- give the house a "real" spring cleaning

- try a new recipe for lunch

- read the book I've been thinking about reading for a year

- make something creative, like sewing a 20-minute skirt

- have time for a friend

- teach my dog a trick

- write a note of encouragement

- go on a prayer walk

The problem is I get distracted.
Distraction is the black hole of time. It steals life a minute at a time. It keeps me caught up in things of little consequence while moments of great consequence pass me by. I'm in danger of more than just missing out on good activities. I'm in danger of missing out on the life spoken of in Hebrews 12:1 - the spiritual race that lays off all distractions and looks to Jesus.
I am far from conquering distraction in my life. However, here are some practical tips and principles I've run across.

1) See distraction for what it is (a sleazy, bamboozling "time-thief")

2) Recognize what form it takes in your life (FB, Youtube,fixing your hair...anything!)

3) Declare all-out War (suggested war tactics = 2 Chronicles 20)

4) Choke it out (Rom 12:21 "...overcome evil with good." Fill your schedule with good!)

I don't plan to let distraction continue to harass, bamboozle and con me forever. In Pilgrim's Progress terminology, I'm ready to "fall to it" and oust it from my life forever. Is distraction habitual? yes. Is is hard to kick? yes. Is it impossible to be completely free of?

"NO, for in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us!" Romans 8:37


Kristin said...

Mmm... You're so right, Heather. Thanks for the reminder of the true nature of distraction.

David Knapp said...

Very good tips on something that I know I have a hard time with. Sometimes I wish I could just get rid of all the things that are distracting but some of them are still necessary, just not in great quantity. Thanks for the encouragement and motivation!

Heather said...

I can relate. Moderation of the necessary/good is the hardest.

Recently Roached said...

I LOVE spring cleaning. OH man, it's super wonderful.
I also love prayer walks. We did them alot when I went on a mission's trip to Peru, and I've continued the trend since!

Paula said...

Thoughtfully written. Thoughtfully read. The reminder, the encouragement, the resolve, hit home for me, too. Thank you, Heather.