Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Specked With Paint

The project is underway! God opened doors and provided far more abundantly than I thought possible! I was hoping for $300 max, but the amount sent my way was more than double that amount! We truly serve the Father of Lights from whom all good gifts come! Today was my third day painting. So far I have been able to finish painting the maternity nurse's office, a patient room, and the main maternity ward.

Before I started, the maternity ward had dirty, peeling, butter-colored walls and ceiling. I have painted the walls a clean, bright white. As of today the ceiling is a light sky blue. Once it dries I will paint a sun and clouds. Once this is done I will tackle the delivery room. Danae requested the delivery room be furnished with white tile on the floor and halfway up the walls to aid with cleanliness. She then requested the wall portion and ceiling be painted a dusky midnight blue to imitate a night sky. It will be complete with clouds, a moon and stars. I've never tried anything like this before, but think it will be fun! She also ask me to paint a stork on the wall carrying a baby in a sheet....we'll have to see about that.

Throughout the day, the nurses and the patients’ families come by to see me paint. They lavish encouragement and "thank you's" on me. They are very grateful people. I wish you could hear what they say. Here are a few of their comments translated into English:

"Thank you!"

"It looks so pretty! This is very good!"

"This is so much better!"

"I really like it!"

Just knowing what they say isn't enough. I wish you could see their smiles and expressions of happy surprise. Having a clean, cheery work environment changes everything for both staff and patients.

Thank you for making this possible!

Further updates will follow.

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