Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pictures From Chad

Pierre & Howa, my African mother and father, and little Bezo who always wants to be in all the pictures!

My Home the 1st 2 1/2 months I was here in Chad.

My Bed and Mosquito Tent in My Hut

My Laundry Drying on the Line.

Bezo & Fabian were members of my Africa family. . .

. . . as were Dorcas, Sidoni, Emma, & Bezo. Aren't they adorable!

Working "Night Guard" [The 3 p.m.-9 a.m. Night Shift]

Many big Mango Trees provide shade on the Bere Hospital grounds.

Patient's Families--and sometimes the patients--in the courtyard around the hospital. At night it can be a challenge to find the patients outside!

Here I'm holding the baby I saved from the prolapsed cord.(See "Trust Needed")

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