Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Need

We are trying to change a wound dressing. The patient has lost a tremendous amount of skin due to necrotizing fasciitis. His life hangs in the balance. It all depends on us holding off infection as he heals. He is young and has much to live for. As we unwrap the old dressing, flies descend like a plague. I vainly try to wave away the swarms, but no matter how violently I fan they still crawl around on his raw flesh. Those same flies haunt the outhouses just outside. I glance up at the ripped and torn screens on the windows and frown. If I could just fix those...but how. The next day the guy has a fever. My shoulders sag a little. I'm going to try to come up with something to make due, but new screens are what is needed. They certainly can't cost too horribly much, but probably it is more than I can swing with my limited funds. New screens on the windows and doors would cut down on the infection rate in our hospital tremendously. In short, it is a simple thing that would save lives...precious non-replaceable lives.

A patient is recovering from a surgery. The surgery went well and they should be up on their feet in no time. However after a stay of several days in the hospital they start to run a fever and vomit. Its malaria. Now they face another week in the hospital. In another case a lady comes in for a minor procedure and must stay over night. We send her home. Within a couple weeks she's back with malaria.

This hospital could benefit from having mosquito nets.

One last things has been pressing on my mind. What a difference a fresh coat of paint could make. Pediatrics looks wonderful, but all the other departments have dull gray, chipped paint on walls and beds. If someone would hand me several buckets of paint and a paintbrush I could really do something. To bad things cost money.

I don't have these things priced yet, but I will. Soon. Seeing at least one of these projects begun before I leave would make me radiantly happy!

Donor Instructions added 4/20/2011:

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(Posted on Heather's behalf by her mom, Paula Haynes)

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Christian said...

If you had good screens, would you even need mosquito nets?