Wednesday, March 17, 2010

O for a Faith That Will Not Shrink

God in heaven extends undeserved grace to all his children. No matter the blackness of the sin His grace is greater than our plague. Sin is sin, but if there is a sin blacker and more terrifying than all others it is the sin of indifference -- a half-baked, lukewarm commitment to Christ's cause.

In light of this fact I cry from a rended heart "God be merciful to me, a sinner, of whom I am chief." Oh, to have the fire that ran through William Wilburforce's veins as he thought of little else other than ceasing the suffering of his brothers the slaves. How much I long to have the singleness of purpose possessed by Amy Carmichael, the giant faith of Jim Elliot, the courage of Mary Slessor. I crave the poured out life that goes to extremes for Christ that other may live, hear truth,and come into contact with their Maker.

Is there really any sacrifice of time, sleep or energy too great to lay on the alter? Is popular opinion, pain, loneliness or death things worthy of fear? The only thing I should fear is a normal existence, separated from my God.

How many countless lives might be lost eternally by the choices of one unsurrendered heart. An unsurrendered heart that is fearful of that which is not worthy of fear and worshiping that which is not worthy of worship.

Written awhile ago, but the thoughts still press on my mind.

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