Thursday, February 11, 2010


Things that make me laugh:

The Toilet Times at the Library says (and I quote)
" You know you're old when your first grade teacher taught you that Pluto was a planet."
Now just hold on there!

Running through the rain and a thought comes to me..."what if rain was sticky?"

A postscript on my canoe class packing list:
" NOTE: Try to avoid blue clothing. Bugs love blue!"

These things catch me off guard

... and I laugh.


Emily said...

hehe. I was not as humored as you were at the pluto (un)discovery. What else did they teach me in school that is not true!?


I am glad that rain is not sticky.

David Knapp said...

Canoe class sounds fun! Do you get to go canoing often?

LaVonne said...

I like the canoe clothing advice. If that is true, I have never heard that one. :)