Thursday, January 14, 2010


As I write this 2, no 3 4 intrepid ant explorer are fearlessly gadding about on my desk.

I find then on my toothbrush, in my sink, on my clothes, in my cereal, on my bed, crawling on my wall, crawling on my arm... everywhere.

At the beginning of the year I killed every ant I saw. After awhile I tired of the continuous killing.

Now there is an unofficial truce in effect. When I feel the need I remove them, and when I don't feel the need I let them be. My favorite way to "remove" them is through force of air. For example, I'm diligently working on clinical paperwork when I see a congregation of ants near my book of unseemly size. I then exercise my lungs with a mighty blow and watch ants fly. Certain ants are especially hardy, spread all 6 legs out and resist the unexpected head-wind. These usually take a couple blows before going sailing.

There are still times when I catch sight, during those thoughtful moments while brushing my teeth, of a line of ants traversing into my plug-in and wonder mournfully why they must be there. Guess I'm being prepared for the mission field. I'll try to make friends with them.