Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cereal in a Laundry Basket

I walked into my dark dorm room and felt around for the light. It had been a long day and I was looking forward to finishing my supper that had been interrupted a hour earlier. I set my books down on the desk and looked for the box of Wild Blueberry Cluster Kashi I had left sitting out. There was no box to be seen. While I was still trying to formulate a vague hypothesis of where the box might have walked off to I heard a faint crunching sound that caused my gaze to shift downward. Ah! There it was! Sitting in my laundry basket. Impulsively I grabbed the box out of the laundry, thinking only of having a delicious evening snack. The cascade of Blueberry Clusters that followed alerted me right away that this decision was not a wise one. My cereal box, having not been properly closed, had landed upside down in the basket...a mess waiting to happen.

The sight of 1/3 of the cereal boxes contents in my laundry basket elicited a groaned "ohhh noooo" from me. For the next few moments I further proved my intelligence by simply starring at the unexpected sight. After some consideration I decided this was either an unfortunate mess or a amusing opportunity. Which would it be.....

Having decided on my plan of action I proceeded to put my coat in the closet, put away the unruly cereal box and kick off my shoes. Equipped with a spoon and peach silk yogurt I made myself comfortable on the floor and enjoyed Blueberry Clusters in a laundry basket. Not only did I have a delicious supper, but a good laugh as well. If given a choice, choose laughter and thanksgiving. It makes all the difference.

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Paula said...

Oh yes--good choice! And see, the smiles are still traveling. :)