Sunday, April 13, 2008

When Spring Comes Again...

Truly spring has come again to my corner of the world. Blooming lilacs are scenting the air with their soft fragrance. The trees become greener every day and there is once again a forest canopy of lush, new leaves. When such beauty and newness of life is springing up all around you how can you keep from singing?
Spring is a wonderful time of year and one which I cherish deeply, but there is a Spring which is ever so much more enthralling: Spring time of the soul. As incredible as it may seem, every morning can be a season of new life . The moment you awaken there is a Savior waiting to meet with you. Pour out your heart to Him, revel in His presence and you can face the day as a new creation in Christ.
This spring, as you witness the world coming back to life, take time to meditate on the incredible miracle of every new leaf. Bend down to see a flower about to unfold its delicate petals and know that you can bloom for Him today.

Just as the flowers turn their heads to the sun, look full into the face of the Son of God and be radiant!

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Paula said...

The Lord has blessed you with the special gifts of writing and perspective. I have been blessed as I read. Thank you for sharing.